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bluCognition’s FraudLen’s product instantly analyzes documents for document tampering


Real time Document Tampering Detection

  • AI-powered document fraud detection capability
  • Uncover fraudulent documents and prevent first-party fraud
  • X-ray vision capability to recover the original document
  • Metadata analysis and file forensics to look for evidence of document tampering
  • Our algorithms are informed by over 10M+ documents across multiple financial institutions, various document types, and commonly used PDF editors

Documents are scored based on the findings of the document assessment and are categorized by high, medium, low, and no fraud risk.

FraudLens will show you the document you uploaded vs the recovered document with highlights to any sections that have been modified

FraudLens Indicators

X-ray Vision

Checks the history of files and produces a "recovered version" of the uploaded PDF

Mismatched Dates

Checks if creation and modification dates are the same

Edited Metadata

Checks if metadata itself has been edited and in some cases, recovers the original metadata

Third-party Software Flag

Checks if the PDF was edited using any third-party PDF editor or common editing software

Edited Text

Flags regions where text has been edited but the actual text could not be recovered

PDF Alignment

Detects regions with inconsistent alignment as per document layout

Overlaid Text

Checks if text has been added on top of a scanned PDF/Image

Masked Text

Detects regions with hidden text

Flattened PDF

Checks PDF for certain marks that indicate it was flattened - flattening a file removes all font information and metadata from the document

Font Anomaly

Flags characters or words with inconsistent font in between a contiguous text block/stream

Anomaly Detection

Flags regions such as "Name & Address," "Date Format,""Transaction Amount," or any other regions of interest have been edited

Template Detection

Flags documents created using third-party PDF templates

Copycat Image

Compares uploaded document image with our document database and flags the document if similarities are detected

Copycat Text

Compares document uploaded with our document database and flags the document if similarity is detected

Brush Detection

Detects if an image has been tampered with based on pixelated speckles and distortions


Compares uploaded bank statements with genuine templates and flags the anomalies