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A representation of our web scraping capability crawling sites to collect information on businesses


Data Augmentation

  • Fully-automated and highly scalable web-scraping capability
  • Captures key variables like revenue, contact information, reviews, ratings, etc. from multiple standard and alternative data sources
  • Proprietary arbitrage model to triangulate and provide information from the most reliable sources
  • We eliminate the need to scrape individual websites and databases
  • Global market coverage, including non-english speaking countries
A Panda Express location that was pulled from the web using our instant web-scraping tool

Key Variables

  • Revenue
  • Business Tenure
  • Business Rating
  • Customer Reviews
  • No. of employees
  • Business Status (Government sources)
  • Funding History
  • Merger/Acquisition History
  • Business Website
  • Industry Code & Description (SIC, NAICS, MCC)
  • Contact Information - Authorised Officer, Phone, Email
  • Digital Presence
  • Social Media Pages
  • Web traffic analysis
  • Bankruptcy Flag
  • Brick & Mortar vs. online

*Above listed variables are only indicative and is not an exhaustive list

Notable features

Magnifying glass with a check mark showing that we successfully pulling business information from the web

Risk Underwriting

With changing landscapes in the market post-COVID, bluData+ provides a new dimension to traditional risk decisions by providing the underwriters with information on the digital presence of the business

 Magnifying glass with a person’s profile in the middle showing that we can help identify and enrich new business targets for our clients

Prospecting & Campaign Fulfilment

Enrich prospective business leads with data points from multiple sources to enhance targeting strategies and gain more efficiency for increased lead conversions